Our love for Lusitano horses...



We were introduced to our first Iberian horse over 15 years ago. He was a grey Andalusian with the registered named of Valiente, but to us he was Stormin' Norman. Norman became my father's best friend and soul mate. He had owned horses his entire life but never had a connection with a horse quite like this. Norman had it all; intelligence, bravery, a strong build, he was compact yet elegant and had the most luxurious mane and tail we thought only existed in story books. Their relationship was like one we had never seen before and he was a huge part of our family. Norman's life with us was too short, as he sadly left us at the young age of 18. But even with what seemed like short years with us, he gave us an everlasting impression and passion for Iberian breeds.


A few years after Norman we found our wonderful Lusitano stallion; Xemino, whom we lovingly call Gene (after Gene Kelly the famous dancer). Once Gene came into our lives, we knew the Lusitano was the only horse for us from then on! Gene has enabled us to carry on having such wonderful horses in our lives as well as share his wonderful offspring with the public.


Our goal is to breed Lusitano horses for the everyday person as that's what we are. We love to trail ride, go to clinics, participate in parades, go to shows, have fun and enjoy our relationships with these wonderful horses. Our horses excel in Dressage, Trail Riding, Working Equitation, Jumping, Parades, anything your heart pleases! This breeds versatility is paramount on top of being beautiful and smart and we want to share that with people who feel the same way we do. Whether you are looking for your next dressage partner, versatility horse or just your next soul mate to take out on the trails, we will have what you are looking for and if we don't we may be able to help you find it!