Why breed with us?

We want the breeding process for you to be as successful as possible. We are breeders too so we understand. Breeding can be and usually is an expensive venture, so we do what we can on our end to make the process as smooth as possible for our clients. 


Professional Collection:


Our main collection facility is Live Oak Veterinary Clinic which is located in Liberty Hill, Texas. Live Oak Veterinary Clinic is located about a half an hour away from where Xemino lives. All shipments are sent in either reusable Equitainers or disposable containers. Using an Equitainer does require a $300 deposit on a credit card until returned.


If you are local to Georgetown, Texas - Live Oak Veterinary Clinic does offer reproductive services for mares as well, so if you are in need a reproductive specialist get in touch with them for details.

Live Cover:


We will be offering a limited live cover schedule at Rancho Bayo and it will only be done on approved mares. We only offer live cover to dry mares, not wet (nursing foal) mares. Please contact for information regarding this if you are interested.


NEVER be afraid to contact us with questions!! We are here to help and are more than happy to talk with you.

Steps and Preparation to help with Breeding

Please read through to help understand the breeding process.

Step 1.

Plan Ahead!

For those of you who have never bred with shipped semen, be sure you have spoken to your veterinarian about the breeding processes for your mare. Your vet is the best person to evaluate your mare's breeding soundness, give you an estimate of costs and advice on the breeding process. We require inseminations to be done by a licensed veterinarian in your state and except for mares to be bred on a foal heat, a negative intrauterine cytology and culture. Feel free to have your vet also review our Agreement. 

You are responsible for monitoring your mares estrous cycle and for successful inseminations this is critical. We are happy to discuss the breeding process, but we are not veterinarians and cannot be expected to give advice for every situation.

Step 2.

Shipped Semen Agreement

Once you have discussed the breeding process with your vet, you are ready to review a breeding contract. In order to book a breeding to Xemino, you will need to read and sign the applicable agreement. Our contracts are usually available online, otherwise we are more than happy to email you a copy. Please read our agreement thoroughly, it includes the rights and responsibilities of both parties, our live foal guarantee and contingencies in the event of the death, sale, or unavailability of both mare and stallion. 

Please feel free to pick our agreement apart, we are more than happy to answer any questions or concerns and would rather have you do so before signing the dotted line!

Step 3.


Agreements are not considered completed until the Breeding Fee is paid in full. Breeding Fees include a non-refundable Booking Fee which is due when you sign your agreement. The remaining Breeding Fee must be received at minimum 14 days before the shipment of any semen. If you want to take advantage of our early booking discount the full Breeding Fee must be paid by December 31st. 

Payment may be made by cash, cashier's check, personal check, money order or PayPal (PayPal excepts all Major Credit Cards). There is a 4% (5% Canada) convenience fee to use PayPal to cover what they charge to use the service. Personal checks will pend until cleared with the bank.

Step 4.

Return the Forms

Please be sure to fill out the agreement completely and send us two signed copies. You can scan and email the forms to us at: xeminolusitano@gmail.com.  We will then send you a signed copy once we recieved your agreement with two weeks or less.

Step 5.

Monitoring your Mare & Requests

For the most successful insemination, monitoring of your mare's estrous cycle is extremely important. 

Be sure to remember that when you are requesting shipments, the request needs to come to us at least 48 hours prior to collection. Any requests given after that will be considered with no guarantee. Also keep in mind that shipment date is earlier than receipt. Example: Your mare is ready for insemination on Saturday, you would need to request a shipment on Wednesday for a Friday collection. 

Our collection schedule is Monday through Friday, no shipments available on Holiday's observed by FedEx. 


Step 6.

Pregnancy Check

Pregnancy checks are usually done between 14 to 18 days following insemination, sometimes your vet can do them sooner depending on their equipment. We understand that not all mare's will settle on the first insemination, so we like to know as soon as possible if you will need additional shipments in the current breeding season. So please be sure to let us know ASAP if your mare is in foal or not. 

Once your mare is confirmed in foal, a 45 day check is required which will confirm heartbeat. 

Step 7.

Keeping your mare happy & healthy!

Be sure to follow your vet's recommendations for feed schedule and care recommendations.

Step 8.


The day you feel like has taken eternity is finally here! Be sure to update us when your foal is born and we will send you the proper paperwork for registration of your foal. Be sure to also send us pictures! Not only do we love seeing new foals, but it will help us keep our records up to date. Also with your permission we can share your foal on Xemino's Facebook Page, he has a large following and people love to see the new babies!

Step 9.

Please keep in touch!

We love to see Xemino foals all grown up, so please keep in touch with us! If you are selling your foal, we offer a complimentary listing on our website so be sure to contact us.

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